Athletic Training

Mission Statement: The Grace University Athletic Department provides traditional athletic training services to prevent and treat injuries for the student-athletes of Grace University and help them perform at their highest level.  The health and safety of the student athlete is a top priority.

Athletic Physicals

All student-athletes must receive a pre-participation physical examination by a member of the GU Sports Medicine staff (Team Physician) and be cleared medically before participating in any practice, competition, or out-of-season conditioning activities. Before any student-athlete can begin their physical, they must submit the following information prior to their assigned physical examination session: demographic/insurance form, copy of insurance card (both front and back), health history form, concussion acknowledgement form, risk of injury form.

If the above information is not provided within the outlined timeline, the GU Athletic Department cannot guarantee the student-athlete in question will have their physical complete and cleared in time to join their team on the first day of conditioning/practice.

Once the student-athlete has completed the evaluation and any subsequent evaluations or testing, the GU Physician and Medical Staff will review the results and recommendation of the evaluating physician and render a final decision regarding medical clearance. The decision, once rendered, will be final and may only be at the discretion and upon approval of the GU Team Physician.

In the event that a student-athlete does not receive medical clearance due to incomplete information or additional testing is required, he/she must complete these steps at their own cost. Once completed, a member of the sports medicine staff will review the medical file again with the new information before granting medical clearance.

Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate in their individual sports (including conditioning) until medical clearance is granted.

Team Physicians

Any injury or illness that occurs during practice or competition that requires the service of a physician will be referred by the Athletic Department to one of the team physicians. Tests, services, treatment, or second opinions obtained by a student-athlete not approved by the athletic training department will be done so at the student-athlete’s expense. Grace University will not be financially responsible for such tests or services that have not been referred or approved by the Grace University athletic training department.

Injuries and Illnesses

All student-athletes who become injured or ill should report to the athletic trainer, or if not available, their coach immediately. If not reported during practice/game, report any problems immediately after such an event. If the student-athlete discovers an injury after hours or becomes ill, the student-athlete should report to the athletic training room the following day. The athletic training department will help facilitate non-athletic injuries or illnesses, but the student-athlete may be responsible for the medical charges.

Student-athletes are expected to continue reporting to the athletic training room until the athletic trainer has instructed them otherwise. The athletic trainer and/or a physician will determine a player’s ability to practice/play.

Athletic Training Room Rules

-          No food or drink.

-          Shoes must be removed prior to receiving treatment/rehabilitation.

-          Athletic attire should be worn at all times.

-          Modest athletic shorts and t-shirts are preferable. Sweats, wind pants, etc. are allowed as long as the treatment area is accessible.

-          Bags and other personal items should be stored in the athlete’s locker room.

-          Cell phone use should be kept to a minimum to promote communication with the Athletic Performance Staff.

-          Be respectful and courteous to the Athletic Performance staff and students. 

-           All Grace University community standards and rules apply to the ATR space. 

Student-Athlete Participation Forms