Student-Athlete Academic Support

The Athletic Department supports the Grace University mission of valuing academic excellence and has developed three main components to provide the necessary academic support needed for the GU student-athlete: Coach Accountability, Grade Reports and Team Study Hall Hours.

Coach Accountability

Student-athletes at Grace University are students first.  Each of our coaches take great interest and care in the growth of every individual in all aspects: spiritual growth, academic accomplishment and athletic development.  

Coaches are constantly reminding their student-athletes about communication with professors, upcoming grade reports, and being available to help set academic goals and monitor the student-athlete's progress. 

Grade Reports

The GU Athletic Department runs two grade reports each semester, in which every student-athlete must directly connect with his or her professors to learn about the status of his/her grade.  The Athletic Department will evaluate each report to deem whether the student-athlete should remain in competition.   Missing work or unsatisfactory grades can result in time away from practice/games in order to repair the grade for that specific course.  This policy ensures every student-athlete is given the chance to be successful in every course no matter the rigor of their athletic schedule. 

Team Study Hall Hours

Study hall is designed to promote development of effective study habits for all student-athletes. Study hall is a time for student-athletes to dedicate to academic preparation. During study hall, study groups, peer tutoring, professional tutoring, and computer access will be provided to student-athletes.

Requirements are determined by the head coach of each individual sport.  Most study hours are completed in the Grace University Academic Resource Center (ARC).